Concierge Services

Meet Service Providers/ Repairmen/ Deliveries:

$25.00 minimum up to 1 hour, $25.00 per each additional hour

Closing Services:

Prepare and secure your home for your absence. Empty perishables from the refrigerator, empty and turn off ice maker, lubricate dishwasher gasket and garbage disposal, sanitize and cover toilets, confirm trash removal, cover indoor furniture (if requested, using owner’s furniture covers), turn off breaker to hot water heater, set HVAC system to away settings, unplug washer and dryer, unplug electrical items (that do not require moving heavy furniture), close requested blinds and draperies, set alarm system, and check security of doors and windows.

Opening Services:

Prepare your home for your return. Turn on ice maker, uncover toilets, uncover indoor furniture, turn on hot water heater, set HVAC to at home settings, plug in washer and dryer, plug in electrical items, and open blinds and draperies.

Alarm/Emergency Response Services:

If you would like Emergency Response Services, please notify your alarm company that Michele’s Home Watch Service is a key holder and not a security company. As such, we will respond to alarm notification in as timely a fashion as scheduling permits. Service call charges include property inspection after alarm notification and rearming system. Owner will be notified if there are any visible signs of intrusion or damage and proper authorities will be contacted if requested.
$40.00 each occurrence

Pre-Storm and Post-Storm Inspections:

Michele’s Home Watch Service will send out an alert email or text if there is a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warning for the area. At your request, a pre-storm check on your home will be performed to ensure that all lightweight objects are inside, all hurricane shutters are in place, and any special requests for your property. Post-storm, Michele’s Home Watch will inspect your property for visible signs of damage, take photos, and send a detailed report to the owner as soon as is safely possible and scheduling permits.
$35.00 per visit

Errand Running:
$30.00 per hour

Grocery Shopping:
$30.00 + cost of groceries at a local/nearby location

Vacation Rental Property Check-In/Check-Out:

Please call for more information and pricing