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Your home is your most valuable and significant investment, but many things can go wrong in an unattended property. Minor damage can turn into disaster quickly if swift action is not taken on your behalf. That is why it is important to have Michele’s Home Watch Service professionally and methodically inspect your home and alert you to any problems that may occur.

Basic Services with a 30 Point Customized Inspection include:

Exterior Inspection: Ensure all entrances are secure; visual check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft, or damage; visual check for pest infestations close to the house; check outside faucets and hoses for leaks; visual inspection of pool/spa looking for excessive dirt, discoloration, and water level; visual inspection of A/C unit; listen for unusual noises coming from A/C unit and pool equipment; removal of newspapers, flyers, packages, mail and other evidence of non-occupancy; visual inspection of roof and gutters from ground level; visual inspection of yard/landscaping to assure regular maintenance is being performed; check outside lighting timers; visual check of screened enclosures; visual check (no boarding) of your boat; and visual check for excessive mold and algae build up.

Interior Inspection: Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism, damage or other disturbance; check that all windows and entryways are secure; check security system; check inside lighting timers settings; visual inspection of all HVAC serviced areas for signs of pest activity; note any unusual odors; visual inspection of walls, ceilings, windows, tubs, showers, toilets, sinks,  cupboards, closets, hot water heater, washer and dryer for evidence of water damage, leakage, mold or mildew; check thermostat for proper settings; check refrigerator/freezer/wine cooler for coldness; water indoor plants (if requested); and check circuit breakers for tripped breakers.